PCS Overview

Palestine Computer Society (PCS)  was founded in 14/11/2017 with registration number (HB-4206-T), the Society  was adopted and licensed by the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is the reference authority for this Society . The Society  has its own legal personality and an independent financial status. It is a non-for-profitable Society, and has the right in using all types of legal actions under its authority for the goal of fulfilling its objectives according to its bylaws as approved by Palestinian Ministry of Interior on 14/11/2017.

            The Palestine Computer Society  is the first of its kind in Palestine and was established to take  care of the Information Technology sector, members of the sector and ICT institutions. PCS  applies its strategies of developing its members, taking care of their interests, following up on their rights and future plans, and organizing their work, cultural, and scientific exchange experiences in the order in an attempt to developing and serving our great nation.