PCS General Goals

Palestinian computer society aims for achieving the following general goals:

  • Enhancing the concept of professional excellence in the Information Technology sector and is based on international standards.
  •  Executing studies and statistics and raise them to the responsible parties to contribute to the promotion and development of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Information Technology sector.
  • Representing the Information Technology sector and its workers on both national and international levels, and work towards assurance that the sector is represented internationally in all sorts of activities.
  • Contribution in developing both skills and knowledge for workers in the fields of information technology and enhancing professionalism and objectivism for the active participating members of the society.
  • Active participation in the formulation and development of policies related to the information technology sector.
  • Work towards finding training opportunities for the students, and creating work opportunities internal and external for members of the society and newly graduated graduates as well as creating valuable active partnerships with international institutions.
  • Help in personal skill developing for individuals and organizations in relation to the Information Technology sector and working towards simplifying the use of information technology tools in favour of increasing levels of public welfare.
  • Enhancing the concepts of both the practical and scientific research and developing the relations between researcher members and different sectors of the society, and creating more frameworks for research partnership between them.
  • Enhancing the level of knowledge for members of the society in the importance of the Information Technology sector.
  • Developing a reference framework for patent registration and property rights.
  • Enhancing the idea of applying information technology in education.
  • Contributing in improving the welfare and well-being of participating members, and improving their quality of life and preserving their rights within formal and legal frameworks.