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Our Helping to
Palestine in Technology Sector.

From the administrative body of the Palestinian Computer Society (PCS), we present you our dearest regards, and further invite you to participate through one of our designated sponsorship methods in the name of expanding the implementation of its work and strategies in Palestine, in response to the current situation challenges in Palestine in general, and Jerusalem in specific in addition to the Covid-19 Epidemic challenges.
We look forward to your generous participation in one of the proposed and attached sponsorship programs. And we thank you for your keenness on upholding the success of the PCS, which will hold the foundations of development of the Technology sector in Palestine.
Your generous participation in the sponsorship of the PCS by choosing one of the following methods stated below, is a way of sponsoring the technology sector in Palestine, which will have both direct and indirect benefits to more than 20000 graduates that belong to this economic and vital sector in Palestine. This sponsorship comes within the 100% guaranteed legal and financial frameworks of charitable societies in Palestine and under the control of its reputable Board of Directors.

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